Thursday, December 11, 2008

Greek God Hermes

Assignment was to create an illustration of a greek god. I did a character design at last minute. My attempt at dragons in my first idea was a little silly looking to say the least.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Muse is Re-born! *ka-blammmy!*

Iain McCaig was nice enough to take time out of his busy schedule to come visit us illustration students and talk about getting out into the industry and how to keep our muse flowing and our imaginations going.  He was very enthusiastic and inspiring, which I feel is just what we students needed considering we are burnt out and at a loss for ideas- well most of us at least. I met up with this kid I have been seeing around lately and we awkwardly made our introductions and rode the bus home together. Discussing monsters and silly creatures. When I arrived home I flipped through some old sketch books. Something he said tonight just kind of struck me, "the parts in your sketchbook that are the most embarrassing are the real parts of you and you should show the world!" Or something like that. So I thumbed through some old sketches.. mainly funny strips of people blowing up or sexual frustrations.. balls n' wieners.. the whole sha'bam. Then the sketches of pieces I had wanted to do that had a clever sort of story/puzzle to them. The type of art that you don't get bored staring at. Then I noticed I had written some short stories and poems. As I read on I thought.. I should really write more sometime

Either way.. one more reason for me to not feel ridiculous when talking to myself in public and laughing at random. 
One more reason for me to keep going and to expose my talent to the best of it's ability.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Family Portrait

    This is my most recent project for Photoshop class. The assignment was to create a family portrait. I had many rough drafts of different ideas, but when my instructor and I got into the ideas I became more and more excited about this one. The two little boys are ghosts, this was my first time working with transparent figures; even in photoshop. Not to mention I only started fiddling with photoshop this semester (Sept 08). The setting and boys were done separately, after both were finished I imported the boys in an overlay layer and changed the opacity to about 60%, which in return made them transparent enough to be ghostly.

Now I am just worried about how it will print out.