Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Indecency Extroverted TBC

*Sniff* Mmmm I smell romantic beginnigns to a blog post. :P

I have been 'AFK' (away from computer, nerd language) for quite a while since last semester and will be back shortly. Just thought I'd pop in to share how much I am enjoying life and classes right now.. (mainly to make excuses as to why I have not posted anything) Narrative Story and Illustration 1 all in the rapidly short Summer semester. Like Gloria Gaynor, I will survive. Because as long as I know.. how to love.. I know I will stay alive.
I've got all my life to live.
And believe me, I've got all my love to give and I will survive.
/end scene >_>

Thus far, being a week of classes I have managed to miss one class by catching some kind of horendous cold the second day.. -_- but not all clouds have a silver lining. I learned some new things from going to the doctor and also had time to reflect and draw. My ukulele arrived in the mail, I have been playing that quite a bit. Mainly when no one is around to hear how bad it is until I actually figure out how to play. ;)
I actually like Narrative story, it's a lot of fun and very inspiring. As for Illustration 1 it is simple, for now.

I shall update with some short comics and whatnot later on this weekend. I want to get a post in before and after Pride Parade. WATERCOLOR AND PASTEL TIME!!! HOLLAH! :D

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer!