Monday, February 11, 2013


Bought some Tangerines that were on SALE! Woo! Being broke is nothing new, but being broke and on my own is a whole different beast entirely. I'm learning new skills like how to eat when I barely have $100 left over from working to feed myself per month and how to juggle three different credit cards so I can also afford my $1100/month tuition fees. 
Oh well, life goes on. I'm grateful for all I have and am pushing myself harder than ever before just to survive. 

I am still working on the comic about the Balloon at the Carnival, if anyone has ideas for a title leave them in the comments because I have no idea what I will title it as. More on that in future posts, probably next week or this weekend.

I reached 70 characters for my Muni People series! If you have been following me on Instagram you have had a front row seat to the entire thing! I slowed down a bit on them because I started to draw anyone and everyone just to reach 100, but when I did that they turned out to not be as special as the others, so if I'm lagging on those, that is why. Although last night a asian guy made a face at me so I'll post that and more on here either later tonight or tomorrow. 

Thank you so much for your continued support and I hope you are all well and didn't catch that awful flu that was going around!