Sunday, January 10, 2010

all things in moderation

These past three days have been a great predecessor for the days to come in North Carolina. Adventures with various friends took me to new places among San Francisco. I took the Minolta out with the lovely Mandi Sanchez to Beuna Vista Park and Corona Heights where we climbed amongst the rocks and met a cute puppy German Shepard named Juanita. o.O
LOOK! It's the prong thing! O_O
The day started off a little overcast and soon became very grey and dismal, not to mention COLD! It was a great adventure nonetheless, as the adventure ended with burritos and I saw Ovo later that night with my sister and Chris. ^.^
An adventure with Abel on Friday led to some roof top cityscape drawing and hot chocolates in little Italy. On Saturday Grant, Sadie and I managed to hit up every candy store on the way through the Embarcadero center and to the Ferry Building where Grant took out his laptop and proceeded to play an 8-bit game while Sadie and I hung out in a book store reading The World According to Twitter and looking at the Fail Blog Chronicles.
Later that night the three of us ended up inebriated and playing video games. I broke out the pastels and did a feature study..

I tend to overwhelm myself with the big picture, so I never end up finishing what it is that I started out to do in the first place. I think if I do more little studies and calm myself down I'll be able to be more comfortable in situations where I do have to get the whole figure all nice and pretty.

To all those iphone and ipod touch users out there, download Words With Friends and start a game with me. (It's scrabble.. but wireless with EVERYONE!) ((someone needs to make a star wars version))