Friday, August 31, 2012

Here's a Banana to Tide You Over..

A big apology is in order to my two followers and my mother. I have been absent from this blog for quite some time and I am working to change that right now. I have a lot to show you and I promise you wont be disappointed. Over the course of the past.. jesus, six months or so, I have been working really hard and have beaten myself senseless with color theory, line technique, and story. I'll go into that more as I post evidence of aforementioned. 

Until then, here is a banana as my morning warm-up. 
I must say, after taking four weeks to find a good download agent (that's what it's called, yeah?) I finally have acquired the Adobe Creative Suite 6 and it is suh-wee'heet! I am loving the brushes and the user interface in Photoshop. Haven't tried to mess with the other stuff yet, but I promise you I will make my very first gif EVAR! (ya'know, because I'm totally tech savvy and have made gifs that have been featured all over reddit and what have you)