Friday, December 11, 2009

Open to ideas

In class fun.. I think I finally got that torso down.. >_< Added in some paper planes, they need cast shadows.. :P

So here is my work in progress for my final! A friend of mine told me that he likes the open space at the top.. should I leave it open or add in the gummy worms?

Monday, December 7, 2009

What you gonna do when the guns are drawn?

I have a pretty good view of the city from where I am at and every morning I wake up to a different mood in the sky.
I may start doing more of these as morning exercises.. But this was my first quick study in photoshop of what I see when I wake up. The clouds looked awesome, but as of right now the light and clouds moved because I decided to eat something. I know, I know.. shame on me.
Anyway, there you go!
rawr! Took me like thirty minutes to throw together the sketch, clouds and sky..
Damn quick select made my sky look weird. Well, actually it's my fault. I learned today that quick select should be used with 100% opacity rather than 40%.. it caused some variation in the opacity within the sky and that's why the weird pattern is in the sky. I am quite proud of my clouds though.. ^.^
I have never done a city scape before.. it's rather overwhelming. O_O

Hope all is well, I must get back to actual work for finals now. :P

Friday, December 4, 2009

Dream thief?

Somehow today it just clicked for me. I am still very far behind in most of my classes and this weekend will be a doozy because of it.
Anyhow, I wanted to share my excitement with you of my first sketching enjoyment within photoshop. The weird icky cheating feeling is gone! Same with painting in oil, I am much more confident now. ^_^

Starting with flour sacks seems to help haha

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I keep her in the basement..

When I press my eyes into the back of my skull I can see these amoeba looking things.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Giggling Technique

This week has been a rough ride.. I'll post more later but tonight these little guys begged me to let them out onto paper. So I weilded(sp?) my 'penis mightier' and now I deliver them un to you.

I haven't slept or eaten much this week... really haven't done much of anything. I slumped much like an uninviting wet hammock Wednesday. Didn't feel worth anything, didn't have any of my work done. Ended up falling asleep when I had intended to go to class.. woke up an hour before class was over and decided to utilize the rest of my day to reflect on absolutely nothing and read. Hoping that I would pull myself out of the big empty space inside my skull, but to much of my avail I failed miserably until I attended my still life class today. Today showed me that you really shouldn't fall short of living your life just because you would rather be elsewhere.
I'll finish the paintings and show you later.. but I am feeling like more of an illustrator each and every day.

Like a friend said on his facebook status.. nut up or shut up. He's right.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pick a little, Talk a little, CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP!

You like that Music Man quote there? Yeah, I like it too.

There is an assailant amongst us, his name is Midterm Mo. I must say he has assaulted me more than I can handle this week.
What I am most concerned about is something that I put no concern or effort into at all, my Art History exam. I feel confident that I did fairly well on the true/false and the multiple choice.. but that was only 20 points worth on the test. Out of the two options for compare and contrast essays.. I knew the images, had reviewed them before I left to go take the test, and then blanked when I had to write the essay. I only remembered details from one of the images, a page and a half, in very large handwriting, was describing the one image (The Fall of Man by Albrecht Durer) and my take on it. The rest was about Betty Page for some reason. o.O
I entered the exam with confidence as I drew the back of a girls head in front of me on my test, then bombed the 80 point essay. Awesome -_-
Good news is.. I now have more of an understanding of how a plaid pattern is created. You take checkers.. give them some tequila.. there you go. Drunk checkers.

I just want to sleep.. I am too lazy to upload photos today. I'll take pictures and show you the watercolor of my sister I did today, tomorrow.

Here's the unfinished drawing for my zombie zoo keeper. I like it for the most part, Charles Lister showed me how to place tears in clothing which was very helpful. So here ya go, I suppose I will post the progress of this.

She's carrying a half eaten penguin. :]

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wet Day Dreams.. and drawrings o.O

Mid terms are killing me this week.. I fear for my well being this Friday as I am scheduled to take my art history exam and I am the worst at taking written exams. Hopefully with much studying I will do decently.
Craig Marshall showed me the idiot proof way to draw eyes properly today and it made me so happy. ^_^
During one of the breaks in Heads and Hands I started to day dream about meeting a really pretty and talented girl that would catch my eye. Inevitably I was thinking about how I met my ex, but this time I was in a workshop, five years older than I was then. I would compliment her drawing and we would share sketchbooks.. She would extend her delicate hand and would give mine a firm shake while introducing herself with a glow about her. I, practically falling to my knees at the very sight of her sweet smile, would just giggle to myself and go hide in a corner rocking back and forth, giddy as fuck, swearing that I had just touched the hand of an angel.
Seems my hopeless romantic side is making it's way back into my life. I have a feeling that I day dreamed about that as a metaphor for Craig showing me how to draw the eyes.. I just sank back into my clan of information, which had manifested themselves to be individuals of which I would go home and make love to for hours.

Well, here are some drawings. :D

From the Saturday Fashion Costume workshop.

Hands from today.. I'll finish later.

Various from various.

Oh, and I met a kid today that referred to quick studies as those timed shape matching games. It made me smile inside.. then almost projectile vomit because I was still very nauseous from drawing on the bus. -_-

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Don't you eat!

After having coffee and french toast with my sister at Blue Bottle, I ventured over to Alternative Press Expo with my usual key associates. Having been LeeAnn and I's first time attending, we were overwhelmed by the collection of free stuff we had accumulated within only the first five minutes of being there. Needless to say, we plan on bringing tote bags, *cough* a suitcase next time.
I have to say, anime really is not my cup of tea.. and neither is super cartoony comic book characters, but there were some artists that stood out to me. One of them I had been drawing with in the same room and had no idea of what he was capable of. If you haven't already, check out his work.. Ben Jelter and here is his blog, for those of you who wish to stalk his brilliance.
I digress, the expo was fantastic and all of the artists were too. I collected many stickers to litter my sketchbook with and perhaps too much memorabilia. All in all, much fun.
Afterwards I headed over to the Federal building to work on my Still Life Painting assignment..
The assignment basis is to paint a still life consisting of four objects.. one of which is glass and another one must be a reflective metal. After much failed attempt at creating my dream piece due to not being able to find a napkin dispenser for free or cheep and then finding out that aluminum foil is not reflective like I thought it would be.. (dun laff.. you would of done it too ) I ended up with this.
(The red marks are my correction and thought process marks via photoshop. )

So far, I'm liking it. I may rot the food a bit like the great Caravaggio.
Thanks to Brandon showing us that documentary by BBC, I can't stop loving how sick Caravaggio was. I'm like a kid that just discovered Spiderman and keeps wearing the costume for weeks on end! ^.^

Here is another smaller painting I am working on of our salt and pepper shakers. They have magnetic feet and stick to this wire, they grew up as pole dancing sluts. HAHAHA, I had to. Click it, you know you want to. <.< ... >.> ... o.o Quick, while everyone is watching you..
Eh.. I'm thinking of making the platform it is on.. polka dots. Yes? Triangles? (I'm thinking the graphic for the TV show Saved by the Bell with those crazy shapes.)

..and the grand finale! This is my set up. I will wake up, go to the gym, ingest great amounts of coffee, and get back to work around 10am.


[EDIT: I found out Sunday afternoon that I need to change the composition. Thus I am doing so now, but I am going to continue this one as a practice.]

Friday, October 16, 2009

Kisses! ^_^

Oh golly gee.. I really love music. I was avoiding homework by going through some old videos on my computer and ran across some old music videos and home videos from high school. I use to video tape everything! Nostalgia has settled and I have been listening to Smashing Pumpkins, old Greenday songs.. man. The good ole days when we would all just chill out in someone's garage or back yard, and one of us always had a guitar or good conversation.
Anywho, here's some flour sacks!

This was a thumbnail for the flour sack assignment.. I'll post the assignment sometime.
For now.. KISSES!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sketchbook Dump

I bought myself a fancy 9x12 Moleskine a few weeks ago..

We has a model that resembles Ole Saint Nic

I'm practicing in ballpoint pen for Z's class ^_^

Thumbnails for an assignment and my odd fixation with this orange chair in my residence lobby. Might turn that into something, who knows. *shrug*
These were for an arm and leg study in Clothed Figure, I forced my friends to pose for me. :]

So that's about it for now.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Muddy Mug

Here is a self portrait that I just did within about an hour's time.. Done in water color and black prisma pencil for line, I was on the phone but wanted to do a portrait without the phone. Then figured what the heck, roll with it. So this is the end result.. I put my one eye farther away, my bad. But all in al I have stopped trying to modify myself to what I perceive versus reality.. It seems to be working.

Cheers and goodnight :]

Friday, October 2, 2009