Monday, February 8, 2010

Episode 1 : I used a Swiffer

Spring semester has started and I am pleased to announce that I am now more awesome than ever! I was taken while in a deep sleep, ripped from my packaging and placed upon a lego battle field of which I was left to fend for myself and slaughter those in my way to reach that delicious cream filled donut called Ultimate Happiness on the other side. With my pen as my sword, I couldn't quite erase my foes.. so I drew mustaches on them like in that one episode where Bugs Bunny goes around and defiles the portraits of movie, you get my point. When you can't beat them, make them look funny. :P

His name is Sedrickson..
He is part lizard.

Oh, right, by the way.. My trip to North Carolina was a lot of fun and I baked a cookie that looked like a rocket ship!


  1. whoa that shit is looking really tight, i wanna see a bigger image though >:O

  2. I can't figure out how to change the size.. o.O