Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Indecency Extroverted TBC

*Sniff* Mmmm I smell romantic beginnigns to a blog post. :P

I have been 'AFK' (away from computer, nerd language) for quite a while since last semester and will be back shortly. Just thought I'd pop in to share how much I am enjoying life and classes right now.. (mainly to make excuses as to why I have not posted anything) Narrative Story and Illustration 1 all in the rapidly short Summer semester. Like Gloria Gaynor, I will survive. Because as long as I know.. how to love.. I know I will stay alive.
I've got all my life to live.
And believe me, I've got all my love to give and I will survive.
/end scene >_>

Thus far, being a week of classes I have managed to miss one class by catching some kind of horendous cold the second day.. -_- but not all clouds have a silver lining. I learned some new things from going to the doctor and also had time to reflect and draw. My ukulele arrived in the mail, I have been playing that quite a bit. Mainly when no one is around to hear how bad it is until I actually figure out how to play. ;)
I actually like Narrative story, it's a lot of fun and very inspiring. As for Illustration 1 it is simple, for now.

I shall update with some short comics and whatnot later on this weekend. I want to get a post in before and after Pride Parade. WATERCOLOR AND PASTEL TIME!!! HOLLAH! :D

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer!


  1. ohh briezy,
    nice to hear from you again. Yes narrative storytelling is an awesome class. I'd say it goes hand in hand with illustration. I'm looking forward to your next post and seeing what you've been working on. hope your summer continues to go well :]