Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Giggling Technique

This week has been a rough ride.. I'll post more later but tonight these little guys begged me to let them out onto paper. So I weilded(sp?) my 'penis mightier' and now I deliver them un to you.

I haven't slept or eaten much this week... really haven't done much of anything. I slumped much like an uninviting wet hammock Wednesday. Didn't feel worth anything, didn't have any of my work done. Ended up falling asleep when I had intended to go to class.. woke up an hour before class was over and decided to utilize the rest of my day to reflect on absolutely nothing and read. Hoping that I would pull myself out of the big empty space inside my skull, but to much of my avail I failed miserably until I attended my still life class today. Today showed me that you really shouldn't fall short of living your life just because you would rather be elsewhere.
I'll finish the paintings and show you later.. but I am feeling like more of an illustrator each and every day.

Like a friend said on his facebook status.. nut up or shut up. He's right.

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