Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pick a little, Talk a little, CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP!

You like that Music Man quote there? Yeah, I like it too.

There is an assailant amongst us, his name is Midterm Mo. I must say he has assaulted me more than I can handle this week.
What I am most concerned about is something that I put no concern or effort into at all, my Art History exam. I feel confident that I did fairly well on the true/false and the multiple choice.. but that was only 20 points worth on the test. Out of the two options for compare and contrast essays.. I knew the images, had reviewed them before I left to go take the test, and then blanked when I had to write the essay. I only remembered details from one of the images, a page and a half, in very large handwriting, was describing the one image (The Fall of Man by Albrecht Durer) and my take on it. The rest was about Betty Page for some reason. o.O
I entered the exam with confidence as I drew the back of a girls head in front of me on my test, then bombed the 80 point essay. Awesome -_-
Good news is.. I now have more of an understanding of how a plaid pattern is created. You take checkers.. give them some tequila.. there you go. Drunk checkers.

I just want to sleep.. I am too lazy to upload photos today. I'll take pictures and show you the watercolor of my sister I did today, tomorrow.

Here's the unfinished drawing for my zombie zoo keeper. I like it for the most part, Charles Lister showed me how to place tears in clothing which was very helpful. So here ya go, I suppose I will post the progress of this.

She's carrying a half eaten penguin. :]

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