Thursday, September 27, 2012

Instagram Stuff

I feel so weird addressing all you anonymous but more than likely non-existent I guess "fans" of my drawings and bits but here it goes.

Working on #Herman

I HAVE INSTAGRAM! I have had it for a while thanks to my sister who informed me of it's existence and now I can't stop playing around with it.


For me it's a fun little unlimited creative exercise where you gain immediate feedback. I really enjoy that you simply have a square format to work with and a few filters to choose from, or not, to emphasize your image. It's a great way to get your work out there and it's linked to twitter, tumblr, facebook, etc.


Also you get exclusive previews of my series #MuniPeople

Panels from #Herman!

Star of the comic Herman himself!

So if you aren't already instagram-ing and you're an artist of sorts or even if you are a visual person you should join us in instagrm! Mind you there are those annoying pictures of some girl in her bathroom with over a thousand likes for no reason and random photos of upcoming child celebrities but aside from that there are some really incredible visual artists who utilize this the same way I do.


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