Friday, September 7, 2012

Toned Paper

Please ignore the large donut shaped person!!
The well dressed gentleman in this drawing was a kid I sat next to/near whilst bleeding empathy for how cool he was and deeming myself utterly unworthy of being his *pew mate.  I sadly hav forgotten his name but I shall not forget his sense of style or how my jaw dropped when he told me of his success. Three degrees I believe it was, civil engineering, something else, and now architecture. He new everything there was to know about every car ever created, he knew everything about films from director, to photography managers, to actors/actresses, to the drama that happened on set. I'm pretty sure he was just a walking encyclopedia of suaveness. Another thing- other artists will love this- his profile.. DID NOT MATCH HIS FRONTAL VIEW! It was like a whole other person. (which is kinda why and how we met)
NOTE: *our class was in a church, we sat in pews

This is just a sketch done on toned paper while at work. Was pleased with how the copic marker created a shadow. I'm trying to play with various styles. 

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