Sunday, October 18, 2009

Don't you eat!

After having coffee and french toast with my sister at Blue Bottle, I ventured over to Alternative Press Expo with my usual key associates. Having been LeeAnn and I's first time attending, we were overwhelmed by the collection of free stuff we had accumulated within only the first five minutes of being there. Needless to say, we plan on bringing tote bags, *cough* a suitcase next time.
I have to say, anime really is not my cup of tea.. and neither is super cartoony comic book characters, but there were some artists that stood out to me. One of them I had been drawing with in the same room and had no idea of what he was capable of. If you haven't already, check out his work.. Ben Jelter and here is his blog, for those of you who wish to stalk his brilliance.
I digress, the expo was fantastic and all of the artists were too. I collected many stickers to litter my sketchbook with and perhaps too much memorabilia. All in all, much fun.
Afterwards I headed over to the Federal building to work on my Still Life Painting assignment..
The assignment basis is to paint a still life consisting of four objects.. one of which is glass and another one must be a reflective metal. After much failed attempt at creating my dream piece due to not being able to find a napkin dispenser for free or cheep and then finding out that aluminum foil is not reflective like I thought it would be.. (dun laff.. you would of done it too ) I ended up with this.
(The red marks are my correction and thought process marks via photoshop. )

So far, I'm liking it. I may rot the food a bit like the great Caravaggio.
Thanks to Brandon showing us that documentary by BBC, I can't stop loving how sick Caravaggio was. I'm like a kid that just discovered Spiderman and keeps wearing the costume for weeks on end! ^.^

Here is another smaller painting I am working on of our salt and pepper shakers. They have magnetic feet and stick to this wire, they grew up as pole dancing sluts. HAHAHA, I had to. Click it, you know you want to. <.< ... >.> ... o.o Quick, while everyone is watching you..
Eh.. I'm thinking of making the platform it is on.. polka dots. Yes? Triangles? (I'm thinking the graphic for the TV show Saved by the Bell with those crazy shapes.)

..and the grand finale! This is my set up. I will wake up, go to the gym, ingest great amounts of coffee, and get back to work around 10am.


[EDIT: I found out Sunday afternoon that I need to change the composition. Thus I am doing so now, but I am going to continue this one as a practice.]

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  1. Oh i agree, Ben is incredible. I didn't get to check out the sketchbook he was selling, but his personal sketch books are amazing. He's actually my teacher/friend, very knowledgeable, approachable, and friendly. I personally love nagging him for critiques/demos/advice and (just to be a dick) i think everyone should do the same lol.