Saturday, October 3, 2009

Muddy Mug

Here is a self portrait that I just did within about an hour's time.. Done in water color and black prisma pencil for line, I was on the phone but wanted to do a portrait without the phone. Then figured what the heck, roll with it. So this is the end result.. I put my one eye farther away, my bad. But all in al I have stopped trying to modify myself to what I perceive versus reality.. It seems to be working.

Cheers and goodnight :]


  1. Nice! Is this your first? (i know i asked you during class but i forgot :P) It's looking good! You should see my first watercolor, it's horrific!

  2. Yes, this was my first watercolor..
    Thanks! I was watching a master ;)

  3. who!? i must know!! but hey, i was bugging thomas gronbukt to give a demo in watercolor and he agreed, so if you don't have class on tuesday you should check out the clothed figure workshop to see

  4. Sweet! I'm there!
    I stumbled into a Heads and Hands class on my way home today while grabbing my paintings from the drying area. The instructor invited me to any and all of his classes that I could attend! I think his name was Jason something, I'm probably wrong, he looked Italian. But how neat, huh?!

    Anyway, you have to do a demo for me on how to do pen and ink, your stuff is fantastic! ^_^ I'm way too sketchy and not confident in my form. I'd like to get myself out of the habit of blueprinting my figures.