Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wet Day Dreams.. and drawrings o.O

Mid terms are killing me this week.. I fear for my well being this Friday as I am scheduled to take my art history exam and I am the worst at taking written exams. Hopefully with much studying I will do decently.
Craig Marshall showed me the idiot proof way to draw eyes properly today and it made me so happy. ^_^
During one of the breaks in Heads and Hands I started to day dream about meeting a really pretty and talented girl that would catch my eye. Inevitably I was thinking about how I met my ex, but this time I was in a workshop, five years older than I was then. I would compliment her drawing and we would share sketchbooks.. She would extend her delicate hand and would give mine a firm shake while introducing herself with a glow about her. I, practically falling to my knees at the very sight of her sweet smile, would just giggle to myself and go hide in a corner rocking back and forth, giddy as fuck, swearing that I had just touched the hand of an angel.
Seems my hopeless romantic side is making it's way back into my life. I have a feeling that I day dreamed about that as a metaphor for Craig showing me how to draw the eyes.. I just sank back into my clan of information, which had manifested themselves to be individuals of which I would go home and make love to for hours.

Well, here are some drawings. :D

From the Saturday Fashion Costume workshop.

Hands from today.. I'll finish later.

Various from various.

Oh, and I met a kid today that referred to quick studies as those timed shape matching games. It made me smile inside.. then almost projectile vomit because I was still very nauseous from drawing on the bus. -_-


  1. I haven't figured that one out yet. What would you do?